GrafxBOX designs, 3D assets for movies, video games, concept art, industry and artist oriented, these Assets are created by Stephane Chasseloup. Check this website to find the latest personal and professional works done for clients and GrafxBOX / CGPitbull accounts.

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Here is a compilation of the latest personal and professional work by Stephane Chasseloup, you can find on this website customer testimonials and the latest updates. At the end of this page you will find links to the social networks of this artist and models that you can adquiere in digital stores

  • Stéphane Chasseloup owner of CGPitbull & GrafxBOX Trademark, was Born in Paris. His work has been featured in many digital art publications and magazines winning awards for both his artistic & professional achievements (Second place on the NVArt 6: Moving Innovation (NVidia), Finalist in the Peugeot-Challenge Concept Car/images in 3D Projects, Runner Up CG Challenge XVI - Grand Space Opera and other prizes). He has experience working in Advertising, Concepts, 2D Concepts, 3D modeling for Video-Games, Publishing, Design, and as a freelance Digital Artist. He does commissioned works for the videogame industry, asset publishers, advertisers and more. His many awards include the following.

Artistic works

Here some of my latest Artistic works:

Modular Hangar New work for CGPitbull Account. Texturized with Substance Painter.

Modular Fighter New work for CGPitbull Account. Texturized with Substance Painter.

Heavy Dropship, New work for GrafxBOX Account. Texturized with Substance Painter.


Here some customer testimonials

***** rmmorph

The best Spaceship designer on Unity.

If I won the lottery tommorrow I'd pick up everything this guy has made. His designs are awesome and just add such an atmosphere to my game. I have around 15 or so of his ships and the quality is superb. My space game is just a hobby but I can honestly say I keep coming back to it mainly because I want to see these awesome ships flying.

***** Creepi

Great work and support!

I like the style and must say the support from CGPitbull is really good. I would like give five star too when it maybe have need more then one day but he really finish it at a day. :o Great modell. Great support. Thanks for your work and time!

***** Neodotcaon

CGPitbull is in my top 5 artists

Awesome design, high quality models, i just can't stop myself from buying everything CGPitbull is publishing!

***** By harkerreign

harkerreign on CGTrader

Some of your best work! Which is saying a lot because you make a lot of great stuff.

***** By harry1963

harry1963 on CGTrader.

As always- good work from CGIPitbull. All parts fitting perfectly to the ships. I save much time for the presenting of storyboards for films now.


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